Steven Heath

External Affairs Director
Knauf Insulation

Steven has over six years’ experience in the industry, having worked for both the Energy Saving Trust and the Welsh Government prior to joining Knauf Insulation. His experience includes helping develop Wales’ National Energy Efficiency and Savings plan and acting as technical advisor and then programme manager for the Welsh Government’s area-based Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programme - ‘Arbed’. The scheme renovated over 6000 properties in some of Wales’ most deprived areas through solid wall insulation and renewable technologies.
At Knauf Insulation Steven is involved in both setting out our views on a viable policy framework to deliver large scale retrofit and the development and practical delivery of key internal projects designed to respond to the ever changing policy environment. He has sat on a number of working groups including the Green Deal Incentives group with the UKGBC looking at linking Stamp Duty levels to property energy efficiency and is Chair of the Policy & Marketing committee for MIMA (The Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association). 

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